Kasteelhoeve Wange... a place connected with the earth

The site is located in the beautiful undulating Hageland and is surrounded by hundreds of acres of orchards and fields: an almost hidden place in Flanders, on the borders of Limburg, Flemish Brabant and Wallonia. In this rolling countryside villages still carry poetic and intriguing names: Neerwinden, Wommersom, Hakendover, Overhespen, ...

This is where tranquillity and open space reign.

The farm itself is situated at the end of a cobbled dead-end in a bend of the river Kleine Gete, over a bridge. A natural spring rises on the courtyard. An estate of 12 acres of pasture with ponds, streams and woods surrounds the farm, and is grazed by a herd of horses. A private footpath crosses the site.

Nature is everywhere. Swallows have nested under the main gate and can be seen on summer evenings skimming over the courtyard by the dozens. One frequently hears the twittering of the large colony of rooks in the nearby poplar wood. Owls nesting in the old barn of the farm can be heard on autumn evenings. A herd of deer (pictured) regularly crosses the domain and their dens can be found in the fields. Foxes, martens, hares, herons and buzzards all find their place here.

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