Kasteelhoeve Wange... a place rooted in the past

Ancient writings from 1070 make mention of “Wanga” (old German for 'slope', 'gentle slope'), to indicate the location of the present village and farm.

In the 13th century, the “Château de Wanghe” was built on a peninsula in the River. The current farmhouse was built in 1735 on the old foundations of this castle.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the vast fields around Wange become the bloody battleground of the then superpowers. The history of Europe is written here in part through a series of short but fierce battles. The tapestry of Blenheim Palace in England, illustrating the Breakthrough of the Brabant Lines, shows the image of the castle of Wange in the location of the present farm (picture detail). The warlords and generals would stay here, preparing for battle (picture). Silent witnesses emerged with the excavation of the barn floor and the examination of the foundation: various cannon balls and rifle bullets were found.

To this day, treasure hunters still find remnants of the former battles in the fields and meadows around the farm.

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