Kasteelhoeve Wange... a place aimed at the future

The site has been remodelled on the basis of a number of well-considered choices with regard to the employed ecological techniques.
Your stay with us will have but a small impact on the environment, yet you will still enjoy all modern comforts:
  • Healthy comfortable warmth in winter - without fossil fuels.
  • Coolness in summer - without air conditioning.
  • No environmental pollution by sewage.
  • Minimum use of mains water and maximum use of alternatives.
  • The farm’s surroundings in natural balance.

The techniques applied to these aims, include:

» Wastewater treatment
» Water recovery
» Biomass Heating
» High performance insulation
» Responsible use of natural materials
» Natural landscaping and garden and meadow management

The efficiency of these techniques allows us to offer you a stay at the castle farm at very competitive rates.

Eliksemstraat 26 • B-3400 Wange (Landen) • Tel.: 016/78 84 42 • Fax: 016/78 22 62 •